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8 vs. 10 Hours of Wedding Day Coverage | Ivory+Bliss | Iowa Wedding Photographer

It’s our first official “wedding tip” blog post! YAY! I am so excited to dive right in and share some of our things we talk with all of the time with our brides, and during consultations. One of the biggest questions/comments I get all of the time when first chatting with my couples is “Were not sure how much time we need.” And hey….we feel you. For most of you, it’s your first time doing this, so how should anyone expect you to know, right?! Everyone is telling you different things and giving you all the tips, but where do you start? Honestly, we realized really early on that if we were going to be amazing at what we do, we would need to do more than just take photos, we needed to be your pseudo wedding day coordinator/PA/party bus DJ….but thats for another blog post:) haha!  But the point is that your wedding day timeline all boils down to one thing, that it’s essentially based around your photography coverage + that ceremony start time. Someone else want to disagree? I’ll wait……..After 10 years of shooting weddings, we realized a few years back that most typical wedding days break down into 2 different essential options.

8 Hours vs. 10 Hours of Wedding Day Coverage

During our consultations we ALWAYS go over the timeline with you to help you feel good about what option you pick. Ultimately the choice is yours, but we are here to suggest what we think would work best, based on a few key things such as:

  • Are you seeing each other before or at the ceremony for the first time?

  • What time is your ceremony starting?

  • What time is your reception entrance?

  • Are the ceremony + reception at the same place, or different venues?

Our general rule that usually passes 9/10 times, is that if you are getting married at the same venue your reception is at, 8 hours is usually just fine. If you have a ceremony that is early in the day, and there is a lot of time in between the ceremony + reception, then 10 hours is usually needed. No matter how you answer these questions, it’s totally okay! It just gives us a way clearer idea of what your coverage will look like. We still capture all of the same things with each time frame, just the way we do it and the order we capture it is different. We are happy to give you a break down of what your timeline + wedding photography coverage would look like depending on a first look or no first look, traveling or not traveling, point being-is no worries at all. We gotchu boo.

In our next blog post, we will be talking about first look pros + cons, which I think you guys will find tremendously helpful when thinking about your timeline too! Until then! <3