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oh, hey wedding blog | 2020 blog kick off

For those of you who have worked with us, or know us well, you know that we try to help out with so much more than just your wedding photography. Whether that is helping you connect with vendors we know and trust (after meeting the first requirement of being a total gem of a human), sharing with you our custom created Pinterest boards for inspiration, helping you with your stationary design from your save the dates, invites, all the way to place cards for your reception, we are always trying to find ways to help make this whole wedding planning process thing way easier, and more enjoyable for you. Why? 

Because we freaking love weddings + we freaking love you.

Seriously, sometimes I wonder how this is even my actual job? How does doing what I love actually allow me to fund my daily, I mean weekly Target runs? Since 2011, Ivory+Bliss has been so blessed to work with hundreds of couples for their wedding photography all over the country, and call it cheesy, but if we can help “give back” in any way and better serve our clients, we are here for it!

I’m all about new decades, new beginnings, the whole fresh start vibe of starting a new year. With 2020, I really want to focus on how to help and reach out to people other than just our brides that we work one on one with. Therefor, I am sucking up my slight anxiety I have towards about blogging, and I’m going to dive in, full steam ahead! I want to be able to share tips+thoughts that I think could be helpful to anyone when thinking about their wedding day. Because a great photographer, or any vendor for that matter, is not just one who shows up and takes photos. We care SO much more than that, and that is who we are to our core. 

I’m excited to share more of my heart with y’all as well. Hopefully if you have been following Ivory+Bliss for a while now, or you are new here, you will get a better since of what we are all about (shout out to our girl Karlee as well!) through these blog posts and our increased social media. Yes, I know I need to show my face more, No, I still don’t want to change out of my sweatpants and no makeup vibes. Baby steps, right?




Photo by The Happy Bloom