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studio bloom | valentines day styled shoot | Cedar Rapids, Iowa

We got a fun shoot to share with you on the blog today, and it’s no mistake that today is VALENTINES DAY, so we wanted to share our reds+pinks with y’all!  It’s a special styled shoot that we did last spring for one of our dearest friends in the industry, and this whole wide world! It was a shoot for no other than the INCREDIBLY talented, most sweetest human ever, Tiffany Landuyt with Studio Bloom!  (If you aren’t following her work already, definitely don’t waste another second and click this link to her website, here.)

Tiff is an amazing midwest based, Iowa Wedding Florist that we have been so lucky to work with on so many personal projects, styled shoots, and real weddings, and we are incredible spoiled to have been able to photograph so much of her work! I love Tiff’s design so much, since she has never been afraid to do something different. When I called her for coffee and introduced myself years ago, she could have easily been like “Who is this photographer/wanna be florist CRAZY!?” But she embraced my enthusiasm for wanting to do something different in the area, and jumped on board with my idea of starting to inspire trends and connect people with vendors we love and trust via styled shoots. She is one of the most humble, kind, talented people I know, and I mean would ya just look at those curls? She’s the absolute CUTEST. 


Since Tiffany has always been so kind to us and believed in any project we had placed in front of her, we wanted to do something extra special and meaningful for Tiffany with the last styled shoot we worked on. We wanted TIFF to be the designer of her own styled shoot, without doing any of the hard, busy, planning work. We asked her if she could pick any sort of color palette that represented her brand, and what she wanted to see become a trend in the area, what would it be? And she came up with the most beautiful palette, but with the sweetest meaning.

She wanted to see COLOR. Yes brides, I said it, don’t be scared! Although we adore our blushes and neutrals, and have styled the heck out of those gorgeous timeless colors, we wanted to inspire people to do something out of the box. Tiffany was inspired by her grandmother, who wore a blue dress on her wedding day, and held red roses. Cue all the feels.

We picked this gorgeous teal velvet linen, table decor, and let Tiffany bring that POP of color in with the gorgeous floral that screams valentines day cuteness, am I right? It was so much fun working on a shoot that was tailored just for our girl, and to see her shine with pride in the pieces she created, all while honoring her grandma. I’m not crying, you’re crying. 

Happy Valentines Day! <3 

P.S. This shoot was featured on The White Wren’s blog last July, we adore them! <3